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For Wintertime we are moving inside!

In November find Repair Cafe in warm and cozy Chuchi am Wasser, Dynamo Restaurant.

Analog Cafe is the place where you can get yourself a cup of coffee, grab screwdriver, soldering iron and fix your broken stuff. We will help you to bring back to life any of electronic or household devices like phones, toasters, amplifiers, vacuum cleaners, toasters, tablets, etc…
And we are non-profit.

Opened workshops in Dynamo Zürich2015-09-18_1442539674

to anyone who is fascinated by those mysterious boards hidden inside every electronic device and willing to learn how they might work.
Do you have an old toaster, hairdryer, oscilloscope or phone that you would like to bring back to life?



Are you willing…coffee-slider-small

…to learn to repair it and get some practical tips? Come by, bring your piece of hardware and enjoy coffee!

Did you know…world_of_bob_pease_hp

…that a lot of electronic devices produced today are designed to

die out after some internally programmed time!

You want to change it’s destination? Come and save the planet earth!

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